Rust fix

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Skráður: 19.júl 2018, 22:28
Fullt nafn: Niklas Söderlund
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Rust fix

Postfrá Niklass » 19.júl 2018, 22:36


I'm looking for a shop or a person who's good at fixing rust on car bodies. I have a rusty old Land Rover Discovery from 97 that needs some love but I'm struggling with finding a place that does that kind of work?

Willing to pay cash or trade for tattoo work if anyone here is interested.

Takk fyrir.

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Re: Rust fix

Postfrá Járni » 21.júl 2018, 15:12

Sæll, has someone contacted you?

I think finding a body shop do to this without going broke is difficult, but I guess that depends on how much work there is to do.

There is a guy called Nuno Valentim that seems to do a lot of rust work, I don't know if he's registered here but you can probably find him on Facebook.
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