Icelandic All Terrain Rally 2015

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Icelandic All Terrain Rally 2015

Postfrá chris92026 » 12.mar 2015, 23:53

Is there anyone with any information on this event, or planning on participating??
This would be my first rally. I am very interested in getting involved, but I am having a difficult time finding information about where to start.

I believe I will need a special Drivers Licence, does anyone know of a local auto club that I can apply to for the licence?
Are there any garages that are experienced in building roll cages?

I have a lot more questions, and could really use all the help anyone can offer!

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Re: Icelandic All Terrain Rally 2015

Postfrá Sævar Örn » 13.mar 2015, 08:40

These are the individuals involved in the preparation of the competitions

Here is the competition schedule ... atal-2015/
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